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ramkumar1988 2015-07-26 Comments

homosex kathai Hi Everybody.. Let me Introduce myself, I’m Ram age 26 smooth bottom from Chennai. I have a sexy feminine body. I got nice boobs and nipples hot smoothy ass. This is a true incident which happened 6 years ago.

Im a tamil guy, born and raised in southern part of Tamil Nadu. I completed my degree there itself. I have been gay ever since i know. I have studied in hostel. So you can imagine, how a smooth feminine boy like me ended up in there. Yes… I had slept with my room mates and seniors. But its just kiss and they sucked my boobs. So once i came out from college my boobs were sucked, bite, squeezed by almost 30 guys. But its all for fun. Nothing Sucking and fucking involved. But this is just a brief intro about me. Here comes the story…

After i graduated from my hometown, i was looking for a job in Chennai. Since i had to come from my hometown i was looking for a job which provides me food and accommodation. Finally i got a job, then i came to Chennai. It was a small office and only 10 to 15 people were there, everyone is out staff which means they would leave around 6.

I’m the only in staff there. There was a young watch man was there. His name is Udhay. I had to share accommodation with him. It was 2 bedroom 1 hall with TV and a bathroom toilet. We were sleeping in separate room. Udhay is a bit older to me. I was in 20 he was in late 20’s . I like only manly guys who has broad shoulders and manly body look, who is smoker drinker.

I had seen udhay working out in morning in hall. Since my position is better than him, he always called me sir. I called him Anna ( brother in Tamil). He smokes in morning and drinks a week. Since i am a teetotaler i never did anything of that sort. Though i liked Udhay, i was scared to approach him. He is bold n gutsy manly. What if he is not interested. But i never thought it would be such an easy task.

One day, due to heavy rain his room and hall electricity was gone. He had to share a bed with me. He said he ll sleep in floor. I could smell his smoke and drinks. He said sorry. I just said OK. I asked him whether he watches XXX Movies. He said he wants to but he does not have anything in his mobile.

So i said i have if he wants he can watch it. He was watching it like a hungry dog looking for a meat. I didn’t stop him. Then i removed my shirt and i was just in shorts. I was fingering my nipples like circles. He was looking at me with lust. Then i moved further said, would you mind if i change my clothes.

He said not at all. Then i removed my shorts and became nude and pretended like i was searching something facing my ass towards him. I just pressed my ass with two hands also. Then i just wore something and turned back. He was pressing and rubbing his dick just looking at me.

Then I was licking my tongue, looking at him. He was smiling at me and just stood up and hugged me. He just explore my tongue and lips like no one. Our tongues were fighting with each others. He was a passionate kisser. His breath had a bit of alcohol n smoke and full of manly. I liked it to the core we were kissing like a passionate couple. While we were kissing my hands were on his head while he was playing n squeezing my ass.

Now he became nude and he just took me by his hands and put me on bed started kissing again. This time it was a bit if dominant and i like it even more. Then he came to my neck kissed there. He just saw my boobs and said wow… He seemed to be crazy about boobs and he squeezed bite licked my nipples.

It became red in the morning. He loved my boobs. He was sucking my nipples like a baby drinking breast milk. Suddenly he did bite my nipples and i loved it. Then he just licked my nipples. He licked and tongued in my navel. Foreplay lasted for an hour. Then he became nude. Oh my god . I saw an amazing cock … Sexy big dick. I just touched it. I just pulled the foreskin. I rubbed his balls. I also rubbed below balls and above asshole.


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